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16 Jun 24 (Sun)
Broad Cairn from Spittal of Glen Muick with BBQ

Welcome to our 'Walk and BBQ' event on Sunday 16 June 2024 07:00

Main walk: Length 17.5 km (12 miles), Vertical Ascent 710 m, 1 Munro

Shorter walk: 16.5 km (10 miles), Vertical Ascent 420 m

Coach leaves at 07:00 from the corner of Midstocket Road and Gordondale Road 

The event will be based at the Spittal of Glen Muick car park, so the walk will be out and back, followed by a BBQ before we head back to Aberdeen on the bus.

There are plenty of walk options from the Spittal. Those who wish can go for an alternative walk, e.g. around Loch Muick.

The club walk will be from Spittal of Glen Muick to the summit of the munro Broad Cairn with some spectacular views, then return to Spittal of Glen Muick via Loch Muick..

The shorter walk is as above but misses out the Broad Cairn out and back leg.

The extra £5 over the normal fee covers the food for the barbecue. Standard fare is burgers in buns( usually count 2 per person), sausages, relish, strawberries and cream. Default is meat. If you are happy with meat, do not send an email. There will be a veggie option. If you want veggie, (or if you have any other special dietary requirements,) please request this so we can get the quantities correct at postmaster@stockets.org.uk

Broad Cairn Summit

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